Beyond Kitsi - A young girl's discovery of a love of making


Last September, we hosted a 'Kitsi Club' at the Avestix Incubation Lab in the Valley. Over the course of a 6-hour workshop, children between the ages of 8 to 16 were engaged in a Global Climate Challenge. The aim of the workshop was to help children apply engineering and design principles to real world problems. The groups set out with the Kitsi Blocks in hand, some craft supplies, and an innovative spirit.  They were given a problem to solve and four hours to complete it.

Amongst the children was a group of three young, bright girls Lily, Alexia and Indiana. Their task was to devise a way to monitor future temperature rises. With no previous experience, the team took the design challenge head on. In less than an hour, they mastered the blocks and software, giving them plenty of time to devote to planning and design. Their creative flair and imagination was on full display during the construction. Their presentation impressed both peers and instructors.

Lily's father Clinton noticed how the Kitsi Club experience had instilled a new sense of purpose in her daughter. She had made a huge leap. Her attitude to coding and making transformed from ‘not for me’ to a genuine engagement in making. Her fear dissipated.

"Using the Kitsi Blocks has not only allowed my daughter to simply and easily understand coding, but it has also enabled her to exercise her imagination and creativity. I am blown away with what she has been able to produce with the Kitsi Blocks. In just one workshop she was designing real-world prototypes and putting them into action! To have her so engaged in the STEM world is nothing short of mind-boggling. Kitsi Blocks is the future of STEM making!”  - Clinton Almann

Most importantly however, Lily notes how making and creating friends was actually her most memorable Kitsi Club experience.