Can you learn when having fun? We asked an engaging 12 yr old


Matayous had just finished a long passionate explanation of how engaged he had been thinking up cool ways to create on the Kitsunei Platform when he exclaimed:

“You know, I learned so much from just playing with them . It’s better than reading about making stuff on the internet and answering dumb questions. When I am having fun and doing stuff I like I learn. The teacher is great he let us play with the Kitsi Blocks. I want to play more.”
Matayous Wight, Senior STEM Prefect
Age: 12 years old
Level: Year 8
School: Ipswich State High School
Favorite Block: LED Matrix
Favorite Thing: "The fun I had clicking and making and playing. STEM does not have to be hard".

What can I do?

The Kitsi blocks were made available to Matayous and a fellow student Rueben as an extension activity to their STEM classes. They were asked to explore this new technology with the view to finding out what they thought and to observe what they can do. This is Matayous’ story.

“With Kitsi blocks you make things straight away, it only takes a few minutes and boom there’s stuff you can show your friends ”

Q. What was your feeling when you were able to quickly ‘program’ the LED to make all sorts of faces and messages?

A. “I guess I like to do things. I made the LED show what I wanted it to show. I had control and I could do what my friends wanted me to do. It was quick too. As you said it is about, you used the word logic, yeah logic. ”

Q. Did your friends want to play with the Kitsi Blocks too?

A. “Yeah they did, I was trying them out with the teacher and my friends were with me. I showed them how to use them. I liked teaching them too made me feel pretty good. It was a great feeling showing them how to do it. If I had trouble with the more advanced stuff Rueben the older student would help us anyways”

“I really liked the way you could just click the blocks together and then made them do cool things”

Helping and getting help and having fun

Q. You worked with your friends making stuff and were helped by older students. Tell me more.

A. “With the Kitsi Blocks you can do really simple but cool stuff like the LED faces and messages. What I liked was the REALLY cool stuff Rueben was doing with sensors. I really wanted to be able to do that too. He helped me. Yeah I can see you can really do amazing things with the Kitsi Blocks. I help others and Rueben helps me.”