Covid-19 Tracker


With the Covid-19 situation changing every day, it can be difficult to find reliable and up to date data on the pandemic. Much is said about ‘flattening the curve’, but how can we check for ourselves?

Well by utilising the Kitsunei Creator Dashboard, we can do that. It’s simple.

Covid-19 data tracker dashboard

Fig 1. Covid-19 data tracker

First you need a reputable data source. From that source we are able to select and display the data of various countries to create a personalised and meaningful dashboard.

The best part of the recipe is that it only uses the HTTP and Script Kitsi Virtual Blocks, no hardware blocks are needed.  All you need is a computer with the Kitsunei Creator installed. Virtual Blocks can easily incorporate the data into other Virtual Blocks such as Email Sender Virtual Block to send us notifications in real-time on the case counts. Further mathematical gates can be used in the system’s Logic Maker to interpolate and analyse data for such things as growth rates.

We now have Online learning classrooms, it is a new fact of life and everyone needs to adapt. Resources such as Kitsunei Creator provide opportunities for teachers and students to continue “learning by doing” but virtually. This topical COVID 19 stat tracker is one engaging, educational example of online learning.

Download and try this example. It’s fun engaging and educational.

Let us know what you think.