Ipswich SHS and Kitsunei announce partnership agreement


Kitsunei Pty Ltd, a Queensland Government supported company and Good Design Gold Award Winner is delighted to announce an exciting partnership with Ipswich State High School to develop a Kitsunei Centre of Excellence [KCE] embedded within the school’s new $7m STEM building currently under construction and opening at the start of the 2021 school year.

The opportunity presented to both organisations is sizable. ISHS will gain further support for its High Performance STEM Program which is designed to challenge thinking and stimulate problem based learning for all students at the school, particularly those in the first years of high school. For Kitsunei it is an opportunity to help the school achieve its STEM objectives, including the development of its partnership with local schools within The Ipswich Community of Schools [ICOS], providing much needed continuity of study for progressing students. Mr Peter Riley, Kitsunei’s Co Founder said,

“The opportunity for the Kitsunei organisation to help the Ipswich Community of Schools is a great honour. We want to help. There are challenges ahead for students and it is important they be given the best opportunity to succeed, utilising a world class EdTech platform.” he went on to say: “Kitsunei’s technology uniquely allows cross curricular activity utilising both project-based and problem-based learning which are universally recognised as very flexible pedagogical approaches to STEM education.”

The Australian Curriculum will be fully embedded in schools from 2021 and this represents a challenge for all schools as they are charged with delivering both General Capabilities and subject specific objectives. The Kitsunei Centre of Excellence will help teachers considerably. The Kitsunei Platform with its proven broad scope and application will be an invaluable STEM and STEAM resource for Ipswich teachers and their students.

Kitsunei will be supporting the ISHS Annual Awards Night with prizes allocated for STEM and STEAM students of excellence in a variety of award categories.

The School’s Principal Mr Simon Riley [no relation] said,

“The formal partnership with Kitsunei builds on an existing trial of their coding blocks which we have been engaged in for almost 18 months. The new STEM building funded by the Queensland Government will be home to a number of purpose-built learning spaces including both indoor and outdoor designated maker-spaces as well as a Chemistry lab, computer rooms, and collaborative and general learning areas. We intend to recognise the partnership with Kitsunei by designating one of the maker-spaces the Kitsunei Centre of Excellence. The partnership not only includes increased access to the company’s products, but also their expertise in the industry through targeted professional development opportunities not only for our staff but also staff from our partner schools in ICOS.”

Alexander Agudelo

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