Welcome To Kitsunei


Kitsunei is a company committed to revolutionising the development of logical and critical thinkers enabling change for whole communities and influencing generations to come.

We believe that our circumstances do not define who we are and our potential. Opportunity does. Hence we embarked on the journey to build the pedagogies and technologies for the next generation of education and learning.

The Kitsi Blocks

Trivialising Hardware - For all.

Science and technology are the cornerstones of our modern civilisation, and we believe everyone should not only benefit from it, but also have the opportunity to understand it and build upon it. Fear of electronics, Teachers and some Students alike, has been a persistent challenge in education and the introduction of STEM in the curricula has only made this challenge more prominent.

Technological creativity shouldn't be limited to those who 'get it' the first time.

The Kitsi blocks were created with a simple goal in mind, to let those who have never been interested in science or technology to be part of the revolution, while at the same time, not limiting those who already love it. The Blocks are electronic modules that can be combined in multiple ways to achieve an outcome; from showing a simple smiley face on a screen to controlling your garage door over the internet, the Blocks bring the complexity of hardware to a level anyone can understand.

The Kitsunei Creator

Empowering a generation of Logical Thinkers.

In the same way the Kitsi Blocks were created to trivialise hardware, the Kitsunei Creator was designed to do the same for software. A powerful tool engineered to enable anyone to build complex programs without the need to code - because not everyone needs to be a coder -.

The Logic Maker

Through the use of Logic Gates, the Kitsunei Creator focuses on developing logical thinking. By graphically connecting gates in different ways users can define (and see) the flow of information in a program, helping them understand, build and debug their own logic. In this way, the Kitsunei Creator invites everyone to participate in the process of software making.

This tool also comes with a set of Virtual Blocks that help you 'talk' to any other system, from cloud services, to controlling your own computer cursor, enabling very advanced applications that range from voice recognition and process automation to data logging and AI, the possibilities are truly endless.

The Dashboard

Have you ever wondered what a magnetic field is? or how gravity relates to acceleration? Using some of the Kitsi Blocks to collect the data the Widgets provide a way to visualise it, with just a few clicks and zero lines of code, users could see all this information and make sense of it.

We welcome you to join us and be part of the story of changing the world of education one block and child at a time.

Alexander Agudelo

System Architect obsessed with coffee who firmly believes every person has the potential to achieve greatness and they all should have equal opportunity to reach it.